All-Grain Brewing

Each one of us has started off brewing with malt extracts or “beer kits”. It doesn’t take long before the benefits of all-grain brewing become very apparent. The freedom to brew and fine-tune whatever style of beer one desires along with a better knowledge of the shelf-life of the ingredients and the specific strains/brands/varieties of yeasts, malts, and hops are major advantages of all-grain brewing over extract brewing techniques.

Total control over every step in the brewing process not only makes the hobby more enjoyable, it also leads to nearly 100% reproducibility between batches. Through trial and error, we have figured out what equipment best suits our needs (and space requirements). To save others time, effort and expense, we have compiled a list of the essential pieces of all-grain brewing equipment. Note, there are a few items on this list which you could get away without, but the time saved by having each and every one of these is worth every penny.

All-Grain Brewing Essentials:

  •  Brew kettle
  • 2nd kettle for sparge water
  • Gas stove or propane burner
  • Mash tun
  • Wort chiller
  • Grain mill
  • Fermentation vessel and airlock
  • Thermometer
  • Stirring spoon (plastic or stainless steel)
  • Auto-siphon
  • Kitchen scale
  • Sanitizer (StarSan, bleach, or similar)

and if bottling…

  • Bottle capper
  • Bottle caps
  • Bottle filler
  • Brown glass, pop-top bottles


The brewers’ coalition purchases all of its equipment from OBK (OntarioBeerKegs).